Wedding couples tell me that the hardest step in their "First Dance" is walking into the class room for their first dance lesson. The truth is that all their worst fears appear on the way to the lesson and then disappear after it concludes. These fears are now replaced with steps that will take them to a successful and rewarding dance routine.  My purpose as your instructor is to ensure your comfort and success on the dance floor.  I strive to create personal choreography that may not be bound to a particular dance style, but is instead crafted perfectly to your abilities, music, and timeframe.  In doing so, I create choreography that is unique to each couple, their ability, and their venue.
Whether planning for your wedding or simply brushing up for the reception, reunion or Christmas office party, it is always smart to start early. For many just being out on the floor even with a group is awkward and thus requires an effort to overcome. A private lesson for some may be just the answer.

If you have the luxury of time and confidence to attend a group class, this is an excellent additional to your private sessions.  Some find that a private lesson fits their busy schedule on a more personal and accelerated level. You may check the Allegro Ballroom’s Social Dance Rotation to choose a dance to start with and then set a private appointment to dig deeper into that particular or additional dances.
Setting your goals Includes a realistic review of your desired final outcome based on your resources, time and ability. Leave this decision to our professional team who can give you an honest opinion. They will accurately evaluate your situation and create a plan to meet your goals in a timely fashion. If this is your first dance as a wedding couple you will need to review the Wedding “To Do” List.
Take the first step, seize this once in a lifetime opportunity, and share the love of dance with your fiance, your family, and guests!
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