“Scott, thank you so much for the wonderful dance
   lessons.  The Dance went great.  Thanks again for all
    your  help...I know it must have been an uphill battle
      teaching me to dance!!  The wedding was great!”
- Leah & Clarke
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When my wife and I started dated we quickly discovered that dance lessons were a necessity.  She had always dreamed of dancing with her life partner and I had always put it off until I found mine.  We found Scott Patterson through the Allegro Ballroom and began our lessons with a simple assignment:  to prepare ourselves for dancing at our friends' wedding.  Scott gave us our basic foray into what promises to be a lifetime pass time for us.
Fast forward three years to 2010 and I am happy to report that my wife and I just enjoyed an evening of dance with our family and friends in celebration of our marriage.  Scott helped us prepare for the fun with 2 dances.  
His years of experience and command of a wide variety of dances enabled him to bridge the gap between my wife's enthusiasm and passion for all sorts of dance and my simple desire to enjoy a little fun with the woman that I love.  Over the time that we've worked with Scott, he's helped us with any number of creative projects always skillfully marrying the creative with the practical.  We feel very fortunate to have had such a steady and well trained guide to help us develop an activity that we we draw upon again and again throughout our long life together.  
            - Faye & David
Thank you for being such a fantastic teacher and friend to me. I've enjoyed dancing with you so much, and you have brought me so far. If you weren't in my life, I wouldn't have turned out to be the same person I've become.
Youv'e taught me so much and you fill the room with fun  and joy on each lesson. I'll miss you terribly  and look forward to dancing with you again when I return from school next semester.
Lots of love and hugs,
- Julia Overway